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1. How do you purchase products?
Just click around the "add to cart" to add any item for your shopping cart. Click the "purchase" button if you wish to add an item to your shopping cart software and checkout. At any time you can click on the checkout button in the top-right of any page.

2. What if my shopping cart software remains empty?
You probably possess your "cookies" switched off. You will need to have them turned on to ensure that we can shop your unique client ID on your computer.

3. I can't discover the item in the catalogue on your website?
The website shows the most current stock accessibility so if it is no longer on the website it means we have sold out.

4. Is your website secure?
Completely! Our safe checkout utilizes 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure your information is actually safely transmitted to and from the website to your pc. All information is then triple 256-bit encoded on our server and is monitored by our protection team 24/7.

5. Will you re-stock a sale item?
Regrettably an item that continues to be reduced and is in our purchase will not be re-stocked, we are always enhance new products and like to vary the products.

6. Do you ship to my personal country?
We ship to any or all over the world. You will receive an e-mail if your nation or the items you have chosen, aren't allowed.

7. How do I cancel an order?
If your order is still submitting you can call our customer service group who will attempt to stop the order being sent, however this is absolutely no guarantee as it might have advanced too far within in the program to stop this. Unfortunately you cannot cancel the transaction online. If your order has been despatched you cannot cancel your own orders, more information, please browse the shipping & return.

8. There's an item missing through my purchase?
Did you get a letter informing you this item had been out of stock? Make sure you call us to arrange an alternative or even refund. If you did not get a letter make sure you call customer services to look into this further.

9. How soon am i going to get a reply to my e-mail?
We try to reply to just about all emails within 24hrs, weekends and bank holidays can cause a small hold off.

10. I have to update my personal account particulars?
You can do this through going into your bank account on the website as well as edit your own details for example addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.